What is a Mechanic?

  • Grants a character the ability to fix other players' vehicles.

  • Tow Trucks are available from any of the mechanics shops.

  • Fixing a vehicle costs $250 and $500

  • These actions are accessible via the F5 menu

  • A mechanic can also use a garage or shop to mod, paint or repair a vehicle. You'll be required for every garages opening in order to work in it

How to Apply?

  • Head into the city and talk to a Mechanic Boss or Lead mechanic

City Locations

  • Main Mechanic shop located East of Mission Row PD

  • Other locations to be added as needed (Benny's, Los Santos Customs)

Mechanic Uniform

Jackets: 22 Texture: 0

Undershirt:55 Texture: 0

Pants: 33 Texture: 0

Shoes: 25 Texture: 0

Arms: 30 Texture: 0

Jackets: 23 Texture: 0

Undershirt: 14 Texture: 0

Pants: 11 Texture: 0

Shoes: 25 Texture: 0

Arms: 14 Texture: 0