What is EMS?

Ems is a fast pace job environment in which a variety of skills are put to the test travelling the length and width of the city in all terrain in a variety of different emercengy response vehicles ranging from Suvs  Ambulance to even flying a Helicopter to emergency responses.

How do you Apply?

To Apply head on in to the cities discord and request an ems application ticket from here you will be taken to an application process upon filling out the basic information tell us a bit about your self what skills you can bring to ems then fill out a short roleplay scenario a basic what should you do question.

Once that is complete you will either be accepted or told to reapply at another time if selected as part of the ems team you will be asked to contact the head of department to arrange your interview and your training.

Where are we Located?

You can find the EMS Department over at Pillbox medical Center where we have an amazing facility with a variety of features

Where are we Located?

You will be required to complete a variety of tasks in this fast paced job you will be asked to deal with emergency calls using one of the vehicles in our fleet to attend callouts ranging from gun shot wounds to a simple broken leg you will be asked while on duty to perform the very best care you can provide as well as social skills to ensure the patient stays calms and follows your instructions to help get them on there feet no day in the ems department is the same we can promise you a competive rate of pay an excellent training programme, you will also be provided with a company uniform your very own unique callsign to your self, you will work closely with the police in a variety of situations and you will be communicating with people from all sorts of personal backgrounds

Jackets: 26 Texture: 6

Undershirt: 6 Texture: 0

Arms: 101 Texture: 0

Pants: 89 Texture: 12

Shoes: 52 Texture: 0 

Necklace: 14 Texture: 0

Vest: 15 Texture: 0

Bags: 0 Texture: 0 

Jackets: 75 Texture: 6
Undershirt: 54 Texture: 0

Arms: 86 Texture: 0

Pants: 86 Texture: 12

Shoes: 51 Texture: 0 

Necklace: 30 Texture: 0

Vest: 14 Texture: 0

Bags: 38 Texture: 0