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Whitelist Job Applications

Currently: Open

Current Wait Time: 1-3 days

Take on Multiple Jobs

Apply for a whitelisted job and take on some side work. Farming, fishing, trucking, pizza delivery and more! Or try your hand in some less legal activities.


Grow, push, or consume. marijuana, coke, meth, opium and more

Realistic Economy

Every aspect of the economy is closely monitored and adjusted from vehicles, food, weapons, paychecks etc. Close to real life prices!

Own Your Own Business

Create your own story with custom and personal businesses. Hire employees, or use it as a front.

Live Anywhere

There's no place like home; if it has a roof it can be called a home! Add custom furniture to make it your own.

Gang Life

Get whitelisted in a gang and live that life on the south side with the rest of the like minded individuals

75+ Custom Vehicles

Custom cars, trucks, SUVs. Luxury, drift, super, and even motor bikes.